2023: New and newsworthy in Merriam!

Welcome to 2023! The new year brings a fresh perspective and motivation to try new things, make resolutions (or goals) and strive to be a tiny bit better than the year before. Whether that’s in health and fitness, kindness to others, finishing stalled projects, reigniting a hobby, or just slowing down the pace to appreciate what already is. Whatever your plan for 2023 is, we say, “go get it, this is the year!”

Here in Merriam, we’ve got our top new and newsworthy things to share for the coming year (and beyond)–take a look!

  1. Antioch Library – After a 60-year history in its current location at the corner of Shawnee Mission Parkway and Antioch Road, plans are now in the works to relocate Antioch Library to the new Merriam Community Center campus. Dirt is moving and construction will begin soon on the new Merriam Plaza Library, anticipated to be complete in 2024. You can learn more about the project here!
  2. Chipotle – Did someone say burrito bowl? The newest addition to Merriam’s restaurant scene is the Chipotle Mexican Grill located at 8800 Shawnee Mission Parkway. Whether you prefer a bowl or a salad, quesadilla or burrito, just don’t forget the queso. You can also order ahead and pick up in the Chipotlane without even leaving your car!
  3. Merriam Grand Station – If you’ve driven along Shawnee Mission Parkway just east of I-35 lately, you’ve certainly noticed the buzz of construction taking place on Drake Development’s newest project, Merriam Grand Station. This $136 million redevelopment will feature 10,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space, 10,000 square feet of civic space and two apartment buildings with at least 350 units total. There will also be a parking structure on the south end of the property. Dirt is moving and we expect to see a completed project by the end of 2026. Learn more about Merriam Grand Station.
  4. Improvements to Downtown Merriam – Downtown Merriam can expect to see quite a bit of movement in the coming years. From a design agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reduce the flood risk along the Upper Turkey Creek, to downtown improvements including changing the road from the current two, three, and four lanes to two and three lanes throughout; diagonal parking spaces in front of the Merriam Farmers’ Market; a shared-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists; raised crosswalks with removable bollards for special events held downtown; a new Merriam Marketplace entrance; a gateway monument into downtown Merriam; and new LED streetlights. Follow along as we move Merriam’s downtown forward–Downtown Merriam Project.
  5. The Merriam Hotel Improvement Grant – The hotels along the east and west Frontage Roads in Merriam can apply for grant funding to spruce up their properties. Approved by City Council in late 2022, the Merriam Hotel Improvement Grant will offer a 50% match of up to $250,000 per hotel for interior or exterior improvements. The grant application will go live in January and is available for the four hotel properties located in Merriam.

While there’s no doubt more good things to come in Merriam throughout the year, we’ll be glad to share them with you as they pop up, so be sure to follow @exploremerriam on Facebook or Instagram!

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