Whether a staycation or vacation, you deserve a break!

Summer Staycation

According to research by Project: Time Off, more than 52% of working Americans leave 705 million earned vacation days on the table every single year. This translates into overworked, overwhelmed and overly tired employees trudging into work because they feel they can’t afford a trip, or miss a day on the job, or their work will pile up, or no one else can do their job….the list goes on. We call these poor, confused people “work martyrs.” Don’t be like them.

Research also proves that taking earned time off can greatly improve your mood, health, sleep and work performance. In fact, vacations help reduce stress, decrease depression and improve heart health—all great reasons we should start planning our vacations now. Senior Author Dr. Eric Schadt states, “on a relaxing vacation, you allow your body to get out of that defensive posture and reduce your levels of stress, which in turn affects the states of cells that are involved in your immune system.”

If all of this vacation talk has you ready to pack up and hit the road, but unsure if you can be gone for too long or afford a cross-country trek, Merriam has launched the Summer Staycation” just in time for your planned days off. Whether you prefer to stay locally and hit up the best attractions KC has to offer, or you’d like to explore more of the sunflower state, our summer offerings pair perfectly with a bottle of sunscreen, a little bit of gas money and an appetite for exploring. From popular local hot spots to favorite road-side attractions, check out the Summer Staycation / Travel Kansas options and have a great trip making memories with those you love!

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