All of Kansas City knows that the newest IKEA opens doors to the thousands of “some assembly required” experts (or novices) on Wednesday, September 10th in Merriam, Kansas.  No doubt the metro has been aching for this blue and yellow giant to come to Kansas City for a long-time.  There’s no shortage of “bring IKEA to (city, state)” groups all over Facebook.  There’s even a great following of IKEA Hacks on Pinterest where you can make tons of interesting projects from the inventory of items gracing the shelves at this long-awaited furnishings retailer. Soon, the masses will arrive and nearby restaurants, hotels and other businesses will see the ripple effect of shoppers ready to race their carts into the expanse of IKEA wonderland.  The CVB has compiled our list of shopping tips to help you navigate and enjoy the all-new Merriam IKEA.  Happy shopping!

Visitor Bureau’s Top 10 Tips for IKEA Shoppers:

IKEA Catalog

  1. Wear comfy shoes! This is #1 for a reason.  Big store, lots of items.  You’ll probably hit your 10,000 minimum daily step requirement.
  2. Check out the catalog before you visit to jot down potential items and departments you’d like to visit. Create a wish list so you won’t forget your favorites.  Of course, IKEA makes it super easy for you by providing a catalog app for iOS or Android.  In store, write down (or snap a label pic) of aisle and product numbers so you know where to pick-up items in the self-serve area after checkout.
  3. Map out the store to maximize your shopping experience. Grab your cart first—you will be distracted by shiny objects and the wafting scent of Swedish meatballs.  Be strong and focus–the meatballs are patient and will wait for you.
  4. Make sure you know where the restrooms are located. No one can shop peacefully with a nagging bladder.
  5. Come hungry…where else can you have breakfast for 99 cents?  IKEA serves breakfast to dinner daily.  No time to stay?  Take it home and serve up an affordable and fantastic meal from IKEA.  Kids also eat free in the restaurant on Tuesdays.  Errands, shopping, dinner—DONE!
  6. Utilize IKEA’s supervised play area for the kiddos. Make sure to check the store for details on height restrictions and keep an eye on your time.
  7. Join the IKEA family. You’ll get sneak peeks, an e-mail newsletter, money-saving offers, inspiring home furnishings workshops and more—and, it’s FREE.  Visit IKEA-USA.com/FAMILY to join today!
  8. What do you mean the couch you just purchased won’t fit in your FIAT? No worries…Great Day Moving has a delivery offer just for you!
  9. Look for the yellow striped shirts that say IKEA.  Those people can help you.  Surely, you’ve seen the commercials?  If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, know your colors.  Red tags = self-pick up items; yellow tags = need a store associate to help.  Keep notes on aisles and product numbers to make your pick-up simple and easy.
  10. Be patient.  When the store first opens, it will be busy.  Smile instead of smirk, wait instead of push ahead, or hold a door for another shopper.  Kindness goes a long way and makes for a more enjoyable experience for all!  Above everything else, have a great time shopping at the all-new Merriam IKEA. We’re glad you’re here!

2015 IKEA Catalog
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