Flags 4 Freedom 2014

Top 5 Must See & Do’s on the Flag FieldOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In just two short weeks, downtown Merriam will transform into a sea of red, white and blue as community volunteers organize and bring to life the event known as Flags 4 Freedom.  What started back in 2006 as a one-time flag field is now an annual event (still mobilized by volunteers) complete with live music, flag dedications, food and plenty of patriotic pride.

To take part in this beautiful week-long display, the CVB has compiled a top five must see and do list while visiting the Flags 4 Freedom event, June 28-July 5.

  1. Volunteer – Muhammad Ali once said “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”  Flags 4 Freedom is continually looking for community-minded helpers willing to volunteer a few hours of time to set up and take down the flags.  This entire event depends on the helping hearts and hands of volunteers!
  2. Bring a camera and snap photos from varying perspectives—from the ground up; peering down an aisle of flags; landscape angle from across the street.  Share your pics online through your favorite social feed—be sure to tag Merriam, Kansas, Flags4Freedom or exploremerriam.
  3. Dedicate a flag – for $15, you can tie a yellow ribbon onto one of the flags to remember or honor someone you love.  What a great way to show someone serving across the globe that you’re thinking of them all the way from Merriam, Kansas.
  4. Attend the 4th of July program – enjoy the Star Spangled Banner performed by a local violinist and don’t miss the American Legion Band of Greater Kansas City concert to celebrate the flags.  Bring a lawn chair as seating is limited.
  5. Consider replacing a worn and tattered flag.  Every year, our flags are loaned for many community events and the weather tends to wreak havoc on Old Glory.  Please be sure to specify your donation is to purchase a new flag as an old one is retired.

www.flags4freedom.org  |  Facebook

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