Travel & Tourism Week

National Tourism Week: May 4-12, 2013SMALL-SummerInMerriam-Pinterest-graphic

The first full week of May is annually recognized as National Travel and Tourism Week, a tradition first celebrated in 1984.  The theme this year is “Travel Effect” which touts the importance travel and tourism has on our relationships, our workplaces and our economy.  Convention and Visitors Bureaus across the U.S. will wear red for tourism on Tuesday, May 7 and many will launch their summer campaigns and host specific events and activities related to tourism during this designated week.  From rallies to luncheons, visitor appreciation gifts to contests, this is the week to learn more about tourism and how vital this industry is to our very own hometown communities.

In Merriam, we invite your participation in any and all of our tourism week activities, many of which continue beyond May 12.  There’s something for everyone and we hope you’ll take part in our efforts:

Speaking of tourism….did you know?

  • Tourism in Kansas is the 3rd largest industry employer with over 148,000 jobs
  • Travel and tourism in Kansas provides $917 in tax relief to each Kansas household
  • For every 217 visitors to our state, one job is created in Kansas
  • 93% of kids say vacations lead to quality time with parents and 60% of kids say vacations with grandparents bring them closer
  • Studies show that employees who take vacations experience less work-related stress, burnout and exhaustion and miss work less often

Don’t miss out on the positive effects travel can have on you!  Kick-off your summer and explore new and fun ways to connect with those you love!  Please give us a call if we can help you or your summer visitors coming to Merriam!

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